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Welding / fume extraction arms

Welding and fume extraction flexible arms

We at Premac supply and install Nederman flexble arms, which are used in many applications other than just welding


General ventilation

Here is a typical factory with different type of fans, powder coat extraction filter and ducting, all designed, supplied and installed by Premac.

Evaporative coolers

Installation of evaporative coolers (supplied by Cool Breeze) at the Midrand Chubb factory where they were experiencing high temperature during summer, we installed four evaps with several extractor fan to remove the heat given off there manufacturing process, they now enjoy a well ventilated working area

Laboratory fume extraction

This is a laboratory at Wits university, they were experiencing a problem with odor build up and asked Premac to find a solution. We installed balanced extraction ducting connected through a carbon and chemical filter system which vented the filtered air out of the building to atmosphere.


In this application we designed and installed a positive pressurization system which filtered the air going into a Pharmaceutical manufacturing area, the system supplied clean air through a ducted system with ceiling grills and extractor fans

Steelwork to design

Alphasorb Air Purification Filter Systems

At Premac we are proud to manufacture, build, assemble, deliver and install filter systems for Alphasorb, Alphasorb are the market leaders in air purification technology, pictured here are some of their pressurization units

HEPA filter housing

Here we have a three stage filter system with primary, secondary and HEPA tertiary filter, the filter housing is followed by an axial flow fan and silencer, this system provides clean air into a food production area

Spray booths

Spray booth

Typical type spray booth for general spray painting, we installed a double sided filter spray extraction plenum with flame proof fan.

Spray booth 2#

In this application we installed a spray booth filter plenum for the removal of thinners fume plus overspray paint dust

Spray booth

We were asked to provide fume / over spray extraction at Group Five, for there scaffolding refurbisment facility, the pictures show our STD belt drive spark proof fan with Andre filter media

Self cleaning filters

PSC Premac self cleaning filter

The Premac self clean filter is a reverse pulse, cartridge type filter used in heavy industry to remove large dust loads Typical application are sub stations, control rooms, compressor intakes or anywhere where clean air is reuired

Premac Self Cleaning Filter

This unit is the 3 high x 6 wide self cleaning heavy duty filter, Which was later installed at PPC Dwaalboom

Hydro power plant ventilation

Hydro power plant Nigeria

We at Premac were asked by Aurecon to assist with design, supply, manufacture, pre-assemble ship and export three complete ventilation systems for the hydro power plant built in Kashimbila east of Abuja in Nigeria, We at Premac designed and labeled the ventilation equipment for ease of installation on site, all the components that were shipped in two 40' containers fit together like a glove, total installation time four weeks, the system achieved good ventilation with a significant drop in humidity and temperature while creating slight over pressure to prevent dust ingress  

Bethlehem Hydro Powerstation

In this example we were called in by Bertrand Rochecouste Collet (engineer) for the Aurecon group representing Bethlehem Hydro. For us to design and install a heat extraction system for the two new pollution free hydro power stations being build on the river at Bethlehem, We used a conventional canopy with spiral ducting connected to a Luft axial flow fan.

Filter systems

Fan filter units

At Premac we design and manufacture fan filter units to specific requirements, which include dust and chemical filters

Factory ventilation

Hot air and smoke removal

In this application we did the design, manufacture and installation of ductwork, fans and collection hoods / canopies

For the company Telcast based in Britz, who run two steel ball kilns and quench chambers whch product much smoke

Before we installed the numerous systems they could not even see the building roof for smoke  

Dust collectors

Static dust collector

This is a Rapson type dust collector, used for medium to light dust loads, which is a manual clean system. This type is very cost effective and easy to maintain

Lepalale Training College

Nederman Dust Collecter Nederman Flexable Welding Arms Installed and Ducted by Premac

Wood Work Dust Extraction

In this example we designed and installed a dust extractor at the Potchefstroom university's wood work shop, they have an up to date training facility there for teaching students the art of working with wood. The system included point extraction with floor sweep take off points for improved house keeping, the ducting has been sized in order to balance the air flows without the need for dampers while even air flow has been achieved. The dust collector is a manual shake down flow type with collection bin's underneath, the extractor fan has been installed in a separation room to reduce sound breakout.

Dust collector

In this application we installed a SADAC dust collector. The dust collector had to be lifted onto the roof where the installation took place. The collector serves a shot blast booth, We designed and built a raised table to place the item on, to be blast cleaned, while the dust ladened air could then be extracted down past the item into our extraction duct and up throught the roof into the collector.

Bandag SA dust control

In this application our design was to control fine breakout dust coming from two cyclones which are positioned 6 meters up and give off high noise levels while the fine dust at 30m/s was covering much distance with troublesome consequences, We designed a duct "drop out" system which brought the dust down to ground level at low velocity after increasing the duct size into a larger manifold, the sound was contained

Fume / Odor Control

In this application there were high concentrations of fume / blended spices odor coming out of the Donaldson dust collector, we installed a carbon and chemical dry media scrubber with filter media supplied by Aphasorb Technologies, this high resistance system required its own exhaust fan which discharged the clean air through a twelve meter stack, the two fans were balanced with the use of electrical frequency inverters allowing the systems to work in tandem